Sunday, 2 December 2012


I lost count of how many memberships on club penguin I had, but I'm getting another 1 month one on 6 December. Then my tooth fell out on Friday meaning in around 6/7 January 2013 I can buy another month one if I still like club penguin and I can keep on buying with all my savings as I get more and more pocket money... Anyway when I get bored of club penguin where will I be? At the moment i'm mainly on Youtube, blogger,, bin weevils, club penguin and moshi monster, and maybe star doll. Watch out there might be contest for my Animal Jam account or other accounts I have so watch it! Generally I get £5 pocket money every 15th and last day of a month, meaning £10 a month, so I get £5 to buy 1 month membership card on current favourite game and £5 to just spend. When I don't get pocket money, I have all my other savings and someone (not telling) owes me over £100 and so on and so on so yeah...anyway I'm going to make a contest page! My first contest will be launched later on today, it will run for... Prizes on Pet party on games games! I'll stop blabbing, get on with the drawings I promised, and I will post contest details later. Plus, theres a separate pet party contest for players with different prizes! Anywho, see ya!

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