Saturday, 1 December 2012

Configurations to this blog cannot be made ,and what is Tanza?

Sorry,you should wait for tomorrow. That's when I will update my blog =D Anyway, how are you then? Happy?Sad?Worried? Well I'll tell you what Tanza is. Tanza is a distant and hidden planet in the Solar system. Anyone born on it will be carried off into either: Southern Poland,Northern Greece or Western Spain, and then settle in and be born to some lucky parents, like a normal child. BUT,they are not normal. If they end up in Northern Greece, they will be talented at learning languages and also they will have a Scientific talent. They are able to CONTROL luck! However, not their own luck, and they cannot control events. They can also manipulate Turquoise energy from their hands to throw or make a shield of. Their eyes light up Turquoise if they are angry. Their energy looks like Water. If they land in Western Spain,they will have Singing and Sport talent. They are able to control WEATHER. However,it takes a week for the weather to take place,and if a more powerful or older Tanzanian (Tanza citizen) makes a change too, the oldest/most powerful Tanzanian's weather will take place. They are able to manipulate red energy from their hands,and their eyes glow red when they are sad. Their red energy can be thrown at enemies, they look like stars in the night sky. However, Southern Poland Tanzanians are rare since there's a huge monster on the way and only 4 Tanzanians a century get into southern Poland. They are powerful and can do everything. Does that answer your question? P.S I LIVE IN A FANTASY WORLD I might draw pictures and upload but for now, Farewell! Roseflame,Tanza princess-Southern Poland

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