All contests will run on this page. Good luck! <3 Pet party contest. NAME OF GAME: PET PARTY. WEBSITE WHERE GAME CAN BE FOUND: INSTRUCTIONS: THIS CONTEST ENDS ON: Friday, 14 December 2012. Your aim is to write a pet party christmas story no longer than 5 paragraphs. Each paragraph must be 4-5 sentences long. Remember, no bad words! I will feature 1st and 2nd story on the blog on Saturday, 15 December 2012. Anyway, comment with your stories! NO COPYING PRIZES: 1st place: Story featured on blog and tight mouth tea bag worth 1 sapphire on your pet party+ bronze shopaholic trophy :) (A trophy for winning the contest too? XD) 2nd place: Pink piggy hairdo worth 2800 coins+story featured on blog. Pink piggy hairdo was originally meant for 1st place prize but I changed it X3 3rd place: Thanksgiving day's fruit basket :) Worth 1000 coins. Requirements and prize giving prodecure: You must have an agame account, DONT ALREADY HAVE ONE? Make one for free today! You must be on pet party, and the prize giving. Add rosewavetanza on pet party on Are you not on agame? Do you wish to have a contest on another game site? Comment on what website your on and I might make a contest on it next time!

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