Saturday, 22 December 2012

Saturday, 8 December 2012

New Art

New art released on Art page-the rare tanzanian! Read it's description >.< Im an artist on paper, so I will draw a paper picture later on too <3 Check it out! See ya!

Contest is READY!

First contest on this blog ever is hust about to be launched :D Prizes not too grand, but enjoy it anyway! See you guys! Sorry for short post. To find this contest, click the contests page ^.^

Wow? Read ^.^

While I updated my Advent calendar, I saw that I got 7 new views... yay! 49 TO 56. Thanks! Anyway, I know Pet Party is not on gamesgames so the contest will be launched again at around 16:10 where I am on! I mean the Pet Party contest XD The art I promised: well I'm going to start drawing a Tanza character who is rare,she was dropped off in the Hawaiian sea and her energy is is Purple. Coming soon! <3 Lots more exciting stuff...soon

Huge Gap between posts o.o

Sorry,missed on a couple of days but I couldn't get to a laptop/computing device. Anyway, I'm getting Sims 3 Ds for christmas eve! At the moment I have a White Dsi. Anywho... o3o I will update advent calendar and hopefully a few pages. I have a club penguin membership now ^.^ What shall I put on the DS gamer page? What should be my newest page? New polls coming out soon!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

New letter to Santa

I don't think Santa got the message that my 6 December gift list has changed. So I need to write Santa a NEW LETTER. .-. Anyway, here it is: Dear Santa, I need to inform you that my 6 December gift list has changed again. Now I just want a new DS game (SIMS 3!!!) and a Club Penguin 1 or 6 month membership card. Hope it doesn't cause too much trouble, and yeah, whatever. Merry christmas! SHORT, RIGHT? Ah well, farewell, I'm just preparing the contest and drawings of Tanzanians and my favorite Teen Titans girls ^.^ Bai!


I lost count of how many memberships on club penguin I had, but I'm getting another 1 month one on 6 December. Then my tooth fell out on Friday meaning in around 6/7 January 2013 I can buy another month one if I still like club penguin and I can keep on buying with all my savings as I get more and more pocket money... Anyway when I get bored of club penguin where will I be? At the moment i'm mainly on Youtube, blogger,, bin weevils, club penguin and moshi monster, and maybe star doll. Watch out there might be contest for my Animal Jam account or other accounts I have so watch it! Generally I get £5 pocket money every 15th and last day of a month, meaning £10 a month, so I get £5 to buy 1 month membership card on current favourite game and £5 to just spend. When I don't get pocket money, I have all my other savings and someone (not telling) owes me over £100 and so on and so on so yeah...anyway I'm going to make a contest page! My first contest will be launched later on today, it will run for... Prizes on Pet party on games games! I'll stop blabbing, get on with the drawings I promised, and I will post contest details later. Plus, theres a separate pet party contest for players with different prizes! Anywho, see ya!

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Configurations to this blog cannot be made ,and what is Tanza?

Sorry,you should wait for tomorrow. That's when I will update my blog =D Anyway, how are you then? Happy?Sad?Worried? Well I'll tell you what Tanza is. Tanza is a distant and hidden planet in the Solar system. Anyone born on it will be carried off into either: Southern Poland,Northern Greece or Western Spain, and then settle in and be born to some lucky parents, like a normal child. BUT,they are not normal. If they end up in Northern Greece, they will be talented at learning languages and also they will have a Scientific talent. They are able to CONTROL luck! However, not their own luck, and they cannot control events. They can also manipulate Turquoise energy from their hands to throw or make a shield of. Their eyes light up Turquoise if they are angry. Their energy looks like Water. If they land in Western Spain,they will have Singing and Sport talent. They are able to control WEATHER. However,it takes a week for the weather to take place,and if a more powerful or older Tanzanian (Tanza citizen) makes a change too, the oldest/most powerful Tanzanian's weather will take place. They are able to manipulate red energy from their hands,and their eyes glow red when they are sad. Their red energy can be thrown at enemies, they look like stars in the night sky. However, Southern Poland Tanzanians are rare since there's a huge monster on the way and only 4 Tanzanians a century get into southern Poland. They are powerful and can do everything. Does that answer your question? P.S I LIVE IN A FANTASY WORLD I might draw pictures and upload but for now, Farewell! Roseflame,Tanza princess-Southern Poland


Hello guys! Im an 11 year old Polish girl, but DUH I'm not in Poland >.> Well, I shall post on this blog as often as I can aboout the random stuff that goes on in my life. Anywho, opened advent calendar, well yesterday in fact and there was a train chocolate; choo choo I love trains... Well, and we made cookies! Well, what I mean by 'we' is me, my sister,and my mum to help. Ok, I use well too much. So, guys...what's up? Took another entrance exam for a school...well respect my privacy cuz I ain't tellin' ya! Just a few random things um... ah well see ya bai bai!!! -Princess of Tanza, Rosewave.